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Learn About Home Fragrance

Fragrance Families

Each fragrance of our scented wax cubes and essential oils is part of a fragrance family that denotes what sort of scent it is. The fragrance families are Floral, Fruit, Bakery, Spice, Wood, and Fresh.

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Delivery Systems

From scented wax warmers to essential oil diffusers, there’s the perfect home fragrance delivery system for everyone. Whether you’re using scented wax cubes, essential oils, or multi-use fragrance oils, you can experience home fragrance any way you love.

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are made of concentrated plant extracts and are a natural and beneficial way to diffuse fragrance throughout your home. They can be used in our ultrasonic and ceramic diffusers.

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Wax Melts vs. Candles

Scented wax cubes are the next evolution of scented candles. With all the same qualities of light, fragrance, and stylish design, scented wax cubes are also flameless, leaving no soot or residue.

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