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Fragrance Delivery Systems

From scented wax warmers to essential oil diffusers, there’s the perfect home fragrance delivery system for everyone. Whether you’re using scented wax cubes, essential oils, or multi-use fragrance oils, you can experience home fragrance any way you love.


Wax Warmers

Compatible with scented wax cubes and multi-use fragrance oil, our wax warmers are a stylish and convenient way to experience home fragrance, all without flames or soot. Available in multiple sizes.



Our ultrasonic mist essential oil diffusers are available in large (250 mL) and small (100 mL) sizes. Don’t want to use electricity? Our ceramic diffusers are for you.


Scent Charms

Scent Charms are a smaller, charming way to spread fragrance throughout your home, without having to take up counter space. Using fragrance oil, they plug into the wall.



AromaBreeze systems provide a clean, long-lasting fragrance experience. Fragrance Disc™ quickly scents your home by spinning fragrance into the air with no flames, heat, spills, or soot residue.