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Wax Melt Warmers vs. Fragrance Candles

Wax Melts vs. Candles Comparison Table

Fragrance candles have been around for thousands of years, with different cultures all developing their own methods to provide a source of light. However, once modern homes in the developing world had electricity, candlelight wasn’t as practical or necessary. This shift in focus allowed for new candle innovations to be made. In the 1980s, candle popularity began to rise again when they began to evolve into the scented candles we know and love today, with colored wax and new, uplifting fragrances. With ever-evolving technology, ScentSationals has created wax warmers and scented wax melts that allow for the ambiance and aroma of a scented candle, but with more convenience.

While scented candles have open flames and leave soot and residue, scented wax cubes have a low melting point and are wickless and flameless, making them safe for use in your home or office. Our wax clamshells are divided into six cubes; simply break off a piece and add to your favorite electric wax warmer (sold separately) and enjoy! The second the cubes start melting, they release fragrance into the air, freshening up the room, lasting for hours and hours, and leaving the room with lasting scent. Because the wax doesn’t produce soot or residue, feel free to reheat and reuse the wax cubes. While the wax is warm, you can easily clean it up with cotton balls or a paper towel.

These scented wax melts are ideal for spreading a relaxing scent and welcoming atmosphere throughout your home. ScentSationals wax cubes come in hundreds of different fragrances for you to choose from, with new aromas being released every season. Stick with your favorites, try out new cubes, or even combine cubes to find new scents you love. Wax cube fragrance families include Floral, Fruit, Bakery, Spice, Wood, and Fresh. Learn more about the fragrances here.

Scented Candles vs. Wax Melt Warmers