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Jungle Floral AromaBreeze Unit

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Jungle Floral has the eclectic bohemian feel, perfect for any home. The Aromabreeze fan fragrance unit combines uplifting aroma, and artistic design to create a unique, personalized ambiance in any room.

Dimensions 6.00 in. x 6.00 in. x 10.00 in
Weight 2.40 lbs
Materials Ceramic

Super Easy Setup

  1. Simply choose from a variety of AromaBreeze Halo fragrances.
  2. Remove unit canopy from fan.
  3. Place the Halo over the base of the fan.
  4. Replace the decorative canopy.
  5. Plug into a 120 VAC electrical outlet and turn the unit on.
  6. Enjoy long-lasting fragrance.