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Wax Warmers and Fragrance Wax Melters

Whether you are new to wax warmers or just looking to add another one to your collection, we have something that will fit the mood and ambiance of your home. Our wax melters come in three different sizes to fit your needs. You can choose from Accent™, Full Size™, and MidSize or Inverted™ electric wax warmers. Each one has a unique design and runs off of the heat from a special bulb. You’ll also want to grab a few scented wax melts in your favorite scent to add to the warming dish on top. No matter the style or feel of your home decor, we’re sure to have a wax melt burner that will fit right in.
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    Santa's Vintage Sleigh

    The Santa's Vintage Sleigh Wax Warmer will create a bright, cheery mood in any room this holiday season! Perfect for adding warmth and fragrance to...

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What Is a Wax Melter?

A wax warmer is a convenient and cost-effective candle alternative that uses a lightbulb to heat up cubes of scented wax and fill an entire room with fragrance without an open flame. While candles pose a fire hazard and emit unhealthy soot and smoke, electric wax warmers pose no more danger than any of your other electric household appliances. 

What’s more, wax cubes have a more concentrated fragrance than conventional candles, so when heated in a fragrance warmer, they offer a longer-lasting smell. The best part is that you can combine whatever scents you want to create your own custom fragrance — like Frosted Cranberry and Candied Orange, Cotton Candy Champagne and Girlfriend Night, or Passion Fruit Banana and Peach Papaya.

Features of Our Wax Cube Warmers

ScentSationals scent warmers have been designed for easy use. Simply choose a scent (or two) to add to the heat-resistant warming dish, plug in the wax cube melter, switch on, and enjoy hours of your favorite aroma. The five-foot cord gives you more freedom to place your scented wax warmer wherever you want around the house. When you’re done, switch the warmer off so the wax retains its fragrance for your next use.

If the wax has lost its fragrance, add cotton balls to the melted wax to absorb it and wipe the dish clean once it’s cooled down. It’s that simple! Most of our wax melt warmers can even double as a soft mood light or a night light that illuminates the way to the kitchen or bathroom without the need for glaring overhead lights.

For your peace of mind, all of our warmers have been safety tested through a nationally recognized OSHA testing lab (ETL) so you can turn them on without worry.

Wax Warmers for Every Occasion

These days, wax warmers are as much for decoration as they are for the aroma. That’s why ScentSationals makes a fragrance wax warmer for every aesthetic and every occasion. With plenty of styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll find a warmer to match the existing decor of any room. Browse our selection of mid-size, inverted, and full-size warmers that can stand as statement pieces on a tabletop or fit in discreetly with your other decor items. 

Whether your scheme is rustic vintage, retro, or classic and traditional, we have something that will blend in seamlessly with your taste — from our farmhouse lantern to our blue glass mosaic designs. When the holidays roll around, we have you covered there, too! See our selection of holiday wax warmers, which includes spine-tingling skulls, festive Thanksgiving pumpkins, and cozy winter warmers. They make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and more for friends and loved ones who appreciate the finer things in life.

Other Popular Products

Ready to take your home or office atmosphere to the next level? Browse our product selection of wax cubes and other accessories that will help you get the most from your wax-melting system. Or, if you’re looking for something all-natural, you can also browse our collection of plant-derived essential oil blends for aromatherapy at home!