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Retro Warmers - 20% Off - Code: Retro20

ScentSationals Sample Box


So many options!

Find Your Next Favorite Fragrance

Christmas Tree

Fresh cut balsam, frosted fir, cypress, and a touch of sage

Pineberry Wreath

Red holly berries intermingle with cinnamon and evergreen

Buttered Maple

Rich maple blended with clove and butter

Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

A blend of cinnamon and sugar spun with a caramel drizzle

Winter Snow

Cozy cotton, crisp water, and sweet violet. All wrapped together with a vanilla amber

Whipped Marshmallow Cocoa

Creamy milk chocolate swirled with cocoa and frothy vanilla

Oh, So Cozy!

Wrap yourself in crisp apple, eucalyptus, warm vetiver, and amber

Mrs. Claus

Enticing woods, balsamic myrrh, sweet amber, and warm spice

Marshmallow Crispies

Orange, lemon, sweet cherry, and vanilla


Shimmering apple, sugared pear, florals, and amber


Magical blend of dewy florals, strawberry, and whipped vanilla

Honeysuckle Pineapple

Island pineapple, crisp melon, juicy berry, and dewy honeysuckle

smell, melt, discover

Fragrances For Everyone





our finest scents

What are Wax Melts?

Scented wax cubes are the next evolution of scented candles. With all the same qualities of light, fragrance, and stylish design, scented wax cubes are also flameless, leaving no soot or residue.

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Why Use ScentSationals Wax?


Strong & Long-Lasting

Pair your scented wax cubes with ScentSationals wax melters to fill your room with fragrance that lasts for hours. Fill your home with strong and long-lasting fragrance.


Safe With No Open Flame

The hot plate heating element turns on/off by switch and quickly melts wax cubes, providing stronger fragrance than many candles. No open flame and no soot or residue.


Hundreds Of Fragrances

ScentSationals has hundreds of different fragrances for you to choose from. Stick with your favorites, try out new waxes, or even combine melts to find scents you love.

What fragrance experience will you have?

Wax Fragrance Families

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Scented Wax Benefits & How To Use

Fragrance Gallery

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