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Scented Wax Cubes

Are you looking for a non-toxic home fragrance solution to use in your space? Scented wax cubes are a great alternative to candles and aerosol sprays. Browse through our catalog of options that will match the ambiance of any home. Our wax cubes are sorted into six different fragrance families. So, for example, if you like fresh scents, you’ll be able to browse all of our fresh scents in one place. We have both holiday and seasonal fragrance collections as well. Browse our high-quality selection of scented wax cubes that will completely change the way you use home fragrances.

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Why Scented Wax Cubes?

Your house doesn’t feel like home until you’ve given it a signature scent. There’s nothing quite as comforting as walking into a room and being enveloped in your favorite aroma. If you want your home to smell inviting, clean, and luxurious without the fire risk of conventional wick-burning candles, scented wax cubes are the perfect safe alternative — especially if you have young children or pets likely to knock over a burning candle. 

ScentSationals has made its name as a leading manufacturer of fast-melting wax fragrances with creative scent combinations. Since 2008, we’ve been distributing these melting wax cubes to give our consumers a way to enjoy the effects of a candle without an open heat source, soot, smoke, or flames — just clean fragrance. All you have to do is place a few wax cubes into the warmer, heated by a small lightbulb, and enjoy as your room fills up with the delightful, unique smell of your choosing.

All of Your Favorite Scents in One Place

Whether you prefer a relaxing, playful, energizing, clean, tropical, festive, fruity, or musky smell, we have dozens of wax melts to choose from that will suit any personality or occasion. Make your house smell like a Caribbean oasis in the summer with Coconut Sands or finish off a day of chores by popping a couple Happy Home cubes for the perfect clean house scent to transform any room into a sanctuary you want to relax in.

Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, and Special Events

If you’re preparing to host a special event like a birthday, spa night, or holiday party in your home, wax melts are a great way to set the atmosphere and make an impression on your guests. Christmas parties, for example, aren’t complete without the smell of Cinnamon Bear or Frosted Cranberry wafting through the air, and your guests will feel the holiday cheer once they step inside! What’s more, our scented wax melting cubes make amazing gifts and party favors for your friends and loved ones.

Browse all scents to find the wax melt cubes that set the mood for whatever occasion you have in mind.

Featured Products

Once you’ve decided on your ideal scented wax fragrance, pair it with a whimsical, seasonal, contemporary, or rustic warmer, bulb, and liner so you have everything you need to start immediately enjoying it!